Search Keywords

How to use keywords to narrow down your search

To add a keyword, enter a value in the search bar and press enter or select an option from the filters panel on the left

Clicking keywords and connectors changes their status

And/ Or Connectors: By default when two or more keywords have been added, they will be connected by an “AND” connector. This means that results must contain both keywords on either side of the AND connector. In order to change the AND connector, simply click it and it will turn into an OR connector. When an OR connector is used, one OR both of the keywords on either side of the connector must be present.

Keywords: When a keyword is added, it will filter the results to include startups or ecosystems that include that search term.

Clicking a keyword will give you the option to either exclude that term from search, or create a group. A keyword group allows you to add similar keywords and set the minimum threshold of matches within that group the startup needs to meet to display in results.